Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Blog or Not?!

Whilst the rest of the world has been on a long blogging frenzy, backward-me is still toying with the idea of starting one of my own..looks like my to-blog-or-not-to-blog dillema got the better of me..I have lo n behold joined the world of blogging!

And what do I plan to blog about? Hmmm..basically the simple things in life that keep me ecstactic, overjoyed, over the moon.. n stars too I think ;) well..all the happy things that keep me going..my hubby..my lil girl and most definitely my love for scrapbooking , card making and simple jewelry making..all things handmade!

I started card making years ago, only, back than there weren’t as many nice things as what you get now. It’s addictive I must say..after a busy hyped up day with my gal, I can still stay awake till the wee hours of the morning just to prep a card or two, or simply to do a LO..much to the grumbling and shelling of my well meant hubby.

Enough about me, I’ve got tonnes to update but not quite sure where to start..How about my first-ever crop party? I was extremely nervous!!! My hands couldn’t coordinate and I simply couldn’t think!! Hehe…but it was fun! And I thoroughly enjoyed myself..Click here to view pics from the crop party…Thank you Papier for the awe-inspiring crop party…!

My first ever challenge was the altered frame challenge organised by Papier, click here to view the submissions..A hearty congratulations to Ms Amelia Khalik on winning the challenge..beautifully done frame!

There was an awesome workshop that till today I can’t believe I missed..by Ms Wati Basri from Singapore..the pics told a thousand tales..the amount of fun..n the tips learnt..*sigh* I’m still hopeful that she’d conduct another workshop :)

I mustn't forget my card making friend, Kristyn Prasad, I have to thank her for all the encouragement she gave in getting me going in this hobby. A wonderful, pleasant petite lady!
I shared some of my cards at her blog too.

Well people..I think I've said so much..it's time to get some shut-eye...catch you soon!

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