Thursday, August 12, 2010

Altered Bull anyone?

My sil came to me with a funny, yet cute, request. Her office in Singapore was given a bull to decorate (in our terms prob alter *lol*) for their upcoming bull race (It's a marathon of sorts in November if I'm right). It was pretty challenging not only cause it's one very very masculine bull, but, also cause it was going to be presented to the some of the VIPs that will be attending the event..

Here's what I did with it..And I sure hope it looks ok :P I did very minimal design so as not to crowd it..I used arcylic dabbers to dab paint at random give it highlights...a dash of lace & pearl strand were attached to the body..then I painted the BG flower chipboard with crackle paint and again dabbed a lil bit of arcylic paint on the petals..

After that, I added a fimo bead & butterfly for dimension..the last touch, was to add a button with twine round it's neck so it didn't look so fierce anymore :)

Gosh I hope I didn't make a mess out of it...I quite like it & sure hope my sil will be pleased too..

The original bull

The altered version


  1. You made a plain bull become the prettiest bull!! Great job!!

  2. Thanks my dear, it looks great!

  3. So okay..i bet it's a female bull!! lol. It's a great one though..i love the flowers right at the back..hehehe..

  4. Oh mine u "feminize" the bull! Lol!! But you made it look pretty, have to agree with the flower!

  5. haha yes it sumwhat look female now doesn't it!! :P Thank u ladies (for the cute comments *lol*! ) & glad u like it sil! :)


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