Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jessy's Challenge No.2 ;)

I've been doing much too many cards of late that layouts have been conveniently pushed to the back of my mind *lol* Until Teacher Jessy gave me another round of challenge when I requested it (after all, the earlier challenge she threw at me got me all vintage & I loved it to got me rolling again really)! :)

I happily jumped into this challenge (though there was a lil bit of confusion in the begining *lol*) as I've been in dire need of a lil kick & push :)

Here's what the layout had to have:
5 photos
Background Stamping
3 Different Border Punches
3 Handmade Flowers
No Patterned Papers

Doesn't it sound like fun already! *hehe* It was a big challenge for me as it had lots of new things I had to experiment with such as mist, background stamping, and 5 photos!!! That's a lot of photos!!

Background Stamping (POD & Shabby Green Door Stamp and bubble wrap stamping
(a neat tech by Jessy) Handmade flowers and a wee bit of journaling here

Misting and one of the border punches used.
I don't have very good control with the mist spritzer so I sprayed a lil on a toothbrush and flicked the brush gently over the layout.

Another puncher that was used..MS Eyelet Lace

And the third border punch used.. MS Scallop Dot

The final product

Thank you so much for the fun challenges Jessy!! I had an awesome awesome time! I'm ready for you to throw more at me *hehe* You rawk gurl! ;) hugs


  1. Ooowwhhhh wow..that's plenty of photos!! Well done gurl. I have always envy people who cud scrap multiple or more photos. Plainly said i'm terribly lousy at doing Great challenge indeed..n u did great..:)

  2. I love what you did, seriously gorgeous!! Love how u used the punches, very nicely done!! Great work on the 5 photos, that girl looks pretty bossy there! Lol!! Passed another test!! Woo Hoo!!

  3. All the little touches just make this so beautiful!!

    Thanks for joining us at Scrap It with a Song!

  4. Oh my! How stunning is this! I really love the title...bossy gal :)

  5. Awesome layout. Love the flowers and the stitching. The photos are adorable!

  6. Thank you so much dearies!! :) I'm waiting for round 3 Jessy! (and more) lol :) gurl's one bossy madame these days *hehe*


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