Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Change From The Usual

I like to dabble around with a lot of different projects..I think it makes me think harder and I believe it pushes me to explore the depths of my creativity even further..I love jewelry..& I'm sure most of you ladies do too *lol* Forget bout diamonds being a gurl's best friend..I have a new one! Vintage jewelry! :)

I'd like to share with you a lil something I made over the weekend..I love it so much that I wear it all the time! I've used 3 different metals : Silver, Antique Bronze & Antique Copper and totally love the effect! ;)

Here's it is..a lil bracelet (that I can also use as a charm anklet for my baby gurl :))

Materials Used :

Silver Chain
Antique Copper Chain
Antique Bronze Findings
Antique Bronze Toggle Clasp
Metal Filigree Connector (Antique bronze)
Silver Jump Rings
Antique Copper Butterfly & Key Charm
Rose Cabochon


Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my post! It inspires me to create more! xoxo :)