Sunday, August 8, 2010

Trinkets - My newest obsession

heya! How's your weekend been? Mine was good...! I watched a comedy today that made me laugh throughout the movie..and all the way home...& even now when I think of it...I laugh my heart now...there were that many good jokes! *lol*

Anyways...I made another bracelet last nite...a much simpler, less complicated one ;) Here it is...

Materials Used:

Antique Bronze Chain
Fimo Beads
Toggle Clasp
Jump Rings


  1. oh my pretty. I LOVE IT!

    How i wish to be the proud owner of this bracelet. Good job. Thought of selling them?

  2. Ohh...lovely gal!! You should really make more and sell them!

  3. Thank you dear!! :) So very sweet of you!! Yes I have a lil shop called Trinkets n'Treasures on fb where I put 'em up for sale :)

  4. Oh Thank you so much Cindy gurl! :) will surely think up more designs & put 'em up for sale! ;) Thank you so much both you ladies for the ever encouraging comment :)

  5. So so pretty!! Yeah you should sell them :) Lovely bracelet!

  6. Thank you Jessy!! *lol* it got snapped up redi! yay! now to make more *kekekeke*

  7. Love it! I agree with teacher jessy, you should sell them. My daughter in law does and she makes a small fortune!

  8. Thank you Kelly!! :) oh wow ok...I bet ur daughter in law makes really pretty ones! ;) I shall surely put up the new ones I make for sale..

    Thank you ladies!!


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