Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a Wonderful Day!

Ohh yesterday was the awesome-est day ever! albeit a lil jam packed, it was fruitful alright! I started off early by helping out at my friend Kristyn's church charity carnival..then made it on time (yes on time! despite family lunch :)) to Jessy's class at Scrap-n-Crop!!

It was definitely a class not to be missed...there was lots of laughter, fun & good company! & needless to say, it was one helluva crop-arty! ;) but then again, all of Teacher Jessy's workshops are always fun packed eh! & I was pleasantly surprised with a goodie bag from my fav teacher!! A bag of yummy goodies!! Including THIS notebook which I madly love! *lol*'s more beautiful real life ;) Thank you soooooo very much Jessy babe!! Your gift is truly heart warming :)

I'm thankful that scrapping has brought me many new friendly kinships, one of them being Jessy, that I'll truly treasure :) Thanks again babe!

Here's are some pics of what we made at Jessy's class plus sum sneaky shots of the goodies :) (do pardon me if the pictures aren't in the best of quality, my slr's missing in action!)
Happy Sunday ladies!!


  1. wow that is one great canvas layout. Beautiful!! I love it so much. Yes Jessy has always been the greatest! oohhh before i forget many2 congrats on winning the papier contest. U truly deserve it..:)

  2. Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend! This layout is fabulous! I love the bird cage. I just got it last week and can't wait to use it!

  3. Thank you Ame!!! :) I love it too *lol*

    Oh yes Kelly!! I was bz as a bee!! :) oh you're gonna love ur bird cage die to bits I guarantee!! I love mine! .. :)

  4. Sounds like you had lots of fun in the class! It's really fun to be around jedssy and I can't wait for her to come to Penang!

  5. oh the class was absolute fun!! and you're's always fun to be around Jessy!! You ladies are gonna hav blast in Penang!! *envious* *hehe*

  6. I forgot to comment this!! LOL!! You did fab in the class, you just work your way around in the class and that's so helpful when there are so many ppl in the class. You are always so cooperative and kind!! I like teaching you, you know!!

  7. lol! & I love learning from u Jessy gurl! ;)your classes are always fun! ;)


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