Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple Gift Box

I'm a lil late in posting this..:P Here's another simple gift box I made for my dear bloggy friend Cindy when she came down to KL for a short visit recently..

I was absolutely thrilled to meet her in person, for the first time, as we've only exchanged mails & visited each other's blog..She's a wonderfully talented crafter & so very affable & sweet..! It was also nice meeting Evelin and Shirl (also for the first time) & Jessy ! It was a fun afternoon with these crafty ladies & I sure hope there'll be more meet-ups like this! ;)

Anyways...here it is...a simple box filled with laces I hope she liked ;)


  1. Lovely dear.. Love love that gorgeous butterfly with the flowers..:D

  2. Simple?? serious??..gotta learn how to make them from u. Seriously i think it's a great gift box! :))


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