Sunday, February 23, 2014

Decorated Wreath Ring Calender

Hello there Doodlebug fans! :) Today I'd like to share with you'll on how I have used my Doodlebug Designs Core Cardstocks. Many of us would usually use cardstock simply for the base of a card. While that's the main purpose of cardstock, there also various other options for putting these vibrant, pretty shades of paper to other use. What I've done here, is to make flowers!

The papers are of beautiful quality and molding it into shape was rather easy. I have also used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the flowers and assemble them. But for those of you who don't own a cameo,fret not,  there are tonnes of other things you can use to make flowers. 

To begin with, you can use punches and simply layer the flower one punched out shape over the other and stick a brad round the center. Alternatively, you may also resort to the conventional die cutting method. 

Here's a step by step tute on how I put my Calender together. If you don't intend to use this as calender, you can always use it as a deco piece by replacing the ring on the top with a die cut butterfly or any other shape that will blend with the flowers. You may also use it as a Birthday reminder.

*Note that you will need to make 3 of these to form a calender. They may vary in size, one for date, another for month and one more for year ;)


Materials Needed: Wreath Ring, Washi Tape & Handmade flowers from Core Cardstock

Step 1: Begin by covering up the polystyrene wreath with Washi Tape. This makes the ring look more presentable when viewed from other angles :)

Step 2: Using a heat gun or very strong glue, arrange and adhere your handmade flowers onto the ring. Continue to do so until the ring is almost covered

Step 4: Once the ring is covered with flowers, arrange a set of tags which have numbers to reflect as date / month / year through a ring binder ring and clasp it around the polystyrene ring. This, as mentioned earlier can also be replaced with other die cut shapes and such :)

Other Materials: Polystyrene Wreath Ring, Glue Gun, Silhouette Cut Files

This was an awesomely fun project for me to create and make a lovely gift to spruce up that dull space at home or your desk at work. Have a go, and let me know if you liked making it! :)

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