Monday, June 30, 2014

This Moment Tag - P13 DT

Hi there! Hope you're all having a lovely June so far..It's hard to believe we're halfway into the year so fast..this year has been filled with lots of emotions..roller coaster ones that have been far beyond i ever expected..nevertheles, it has been good so far..and I have God to thank for, for blessing us despite the hurdles that have come our way..

With that in mind, I always feel that we should live in this moment..embrace life..enjoy every second of it and most importantly live like there were no tomorrow :) Sharing with you, my 'This Moment' tag..

The roses and leaves are all die cut using the very pretty papers shared below and so is the frame. I then topped it off with some twine and blings

Materials Used:

                        for the frame                                   for the leaves

                         for the tag background                    for the rolled roses


  1. Beautiful tag! Yup, it's never easy to go thru the hurdles but always have faith that God will always pull us through. Just the matter of now or later! Hugs!

  2. hi sharm ..r u looking for a nice doorgift for my wedding day...I wanna give something sweet and adorable....can I have an idea or two n would like to purchase frm you


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