Saturday, May 29, 2010

Woo Hoo!!

Yay yay! I made Top 5 at Get Sketchy again!!! :) Thank you for considering my entry ladies! :) I had so much fun with the sketch that I made 3 cards!!! click HERE to get to the results page..Awesome entries by all!

Good news! I finally got my scrapping stash back on my fav table *lol*..& Aneeka's party went on well despite the rain...all her lil friends showed up too!!
I was so worried that the rain might dampen everyone's mood & that the turnout would not be good...but god willing, everything went on amazingly well!!! :) My heartfelt thanks too to all who came & made my lil gal's first Birthday a memorable & amazing one :)

My 20 yr old cousin took advantage of the inflated house and spent the entire time 'watching' over the kids while he jumped about in there *lol* I took aneeka in for a quick jump too *hehe*
The pics should be out in a couple of weeks...will surely put them up! ;)

On another note..My best friend got engaged today...we've been besties for 15 yrs now & look fwd to a lifelong friendship...we hope our kids will be good friends too *lol* wishful thinking...I did what best I could for her...Made her engagement invites...drove her around to get her mehndi & hair done..AND I was also her make-up artist for the day!! cool eh *lol*

Anyways..all the excitement over the last couple of days have really taken a toll on me..I'm off for a good night's rest now....

Nitey nite folks :)

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