Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy happy Happy :O)'s been an eventful day and I can't help but blog with ecstasy..*lol* I'm on seventh heaven people and all thanks to Scrap-it-lah! Remember the blog hop challenge they had in conjunction with their anniversary? Well,.......the results were announced today!!

I wish to extend my hearfelt thank you to Nadrah and the DTs at SIL for the beautiful first ever and will definitely treasure them and put 'em to good use :) it truly gives me motivation to move forward in this beautiful hobby and is a great great encouragement..It tells me that I'm in the right direction though there's soooo much more to learn... ;)

You ladies at SIL truly ROCK! and are truly inspiring & I look forward to many many more challenges by you'll and will definitely scrap-it-lah more ;)

Thank you!!

Also, a BIG BIG congratulations to all the winners! and you ladies had posted such beautiful and amazing work ;) So many talents out there and every one of you are truly admirable, not to mention your work too! ;)

Meantime, do check out SIL's challenge for May ..this is gona be awesome fun ;)


  1. Congrats on ur BIG win!! I am so proud of you!!

  2. Thank you so much Jessy! :) I'm truly over the moon..n more inspired than ever! and that one workshop by you taught me lots n lots!! can't wait to join more ;) You're truly the best Teacher! ;) *hugs*


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