Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hey there dearies! I've been pretty lucky to be able to do this lil blog entry. Our friend's place over here in Joburg's got internet connection yay!! and we've had a pretty relaxed day today..despite the cold cold 800km drive!! :P So here I am, doing what I love best!

We managed to catch 2 World Cup Matches, the Argentina (woo hoo!!) and Mexico game & the Brazil & Chile game! It was awesome I promise you! Being there, and watching all those hunky players in action was just too much fun! *lol* :)It's winter here now, and the coldest it's been is 5 degrees!!!! gosh I can't stand 16 what more 5!! But it's so lovely here I'd consider moving! *lol*

I've been doing a bit of shopping and our friend (I should give her a name eh) Maria's got plans to take me scrapbook supplies shopping on Friday! How good is that huh :)

Today we went to quite a number of places...We started off with a lil horse riding (3 hr drive from Joburg). I was a lil apprehensive, but I must say it was awesome awesome fun!! we were taken through the woods (I'll be uploading pics once I'm back ;)) & my horse was one big bully! he kept shoving the other guys aside..but I absolutely loved it when he gallopped...reaaall nice. :) he was rather well behaved throughout the rest of the ride though!

We then went on to a few tourist stops : The Berlyn Falls, God's Window and a quaint lil town call Pilgrim's Place for tea. It was such a tiring day & drive that I slept all the way home! holiday's been great so far..but I do miss my baby terribly..I call home every few hours to find out how she's doing...I've got pictures of her with me too would you believe it!! *lol* Though I'm sad my lil vacay's coming to an end soon, I'm looking fwd to going home!! Just to be with my gurl & get started on my addictive hobby!!

On another note, I've got 3 exciting & happy news to share! :)

1) My card got selected as winner at Scrap It With A Song for their Week 10 challenge!! Woo hoo!! Thank you ladies!! It's truly an honor!!

2) My Sending Hugs card for Sketch 43 at Get Sketchy was also selected winner! Thank You Bree & Team!! I'm thrilled!!


3) The most exciting news by far! I got selected to be part of Regina's awesome DT at TheCuttingCafe!!!! I'm thrilled, overjoyed! excited! Yay Yippie Yay!!

Ok ladies, am off to bed now...tomorrow's another exciting day waiting to happen :)!
nitey nite & catch you once I'm back on the 7th!


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  2. Hey thanks for an update!! You sure know how to have fun girl!! How I wish I can join you along watching the hunks playing. Lol!!

    Congrats on all ur winning & best of all for ur new DT stint!! Now you gonna be a busy bee. Lol! Btw ur card is chosen at Cards blog too. Congrats to u!!

  3. sounds like one helluva vacation alright! glad you're enjoying yourself..woo hoo!! :)

  4. huhu it was really nice Jessy!! Now we have to plan for 2014 cause it's just too much fun to miss! :) u can join me for the South America games *lol* ;)

    Cards blog too!! ohh Thanks for updating me dear! Don't know how I missed checking that! Now I've got more reason to do the happy dance *hehe* :) I'm very excited bout DT stint at TheCuttingCafe too!! :) Can;t wait to get back n get started!!

  5. Oh yes sis!! I'm havin one helluva vacay orite! :) We should plan an all girls trip here sumtime...!!

  6. Sounds like you're having a great time. Congratulations on the win at Scrap It With A Song challenge. and welcome to The Cutting Cafe! You'll love Regina, she is awesome to work with! I can't wait to see what you come up using her designs!

  7. Hi Kelly! Oh yes I'm having a wonderful time!! :) Thank you..;) I can't wait to get back from my holidays & get started with Regina's designs!!

  8. sounds like your having a excited to have ya joining the team..big hugs to ya...regina

  9. Oh yes I did Regina!! I'm back & already working on the teapot set lol!! Thanks for having me on the team! Reli excited!!!! big hugs to ya too.. :)


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