Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home! :)

Hi dearies! I'm back!!! I got back yesterday (7th July) morning and guess what I did...? lol...I unpacked first...cause I hate having things lying around ...especially luggage bags waiting to be unpacked! (the only place that's allowed to be messy is my craft table ..ooopps dining table *lol*)

After that...I went straight to my laptop & checked out all my fav blogs! yes! I didn't sleep despite the terrible terrible jetlag! & once that was done..I made a card!! just too much for me & now I need to get sleep..perhaps the whole day since hubby's working from home today! yay!

It's been two weeks away from Aneeka & I find so many changes in her..she can walk now!! Can't believe I missed my baby's first steps! :(...she's become very stubborn too & you won't believe it but she's terrified of the sound the vuvuzela makes!! I laughed so hard when I saw her expression :) I missed her alot while I was in SA & Mauritius that I plan to take her with me on my next trip!!

Anyways...I'll be posting my card pic later today (seem to be lacking a lil bit of mojo but I'm sure he'll be back! :)) Here are some pics from my SA trip..will post the Mauritius ones a lil later...there are thousands of pics!!!!

The don himself!

Argie & Mexico in action

Hubby & I in full Argie getup!

The attendance for the Argie - Mexico game

Brazil in action

Random shot of me in Maria's awesome ride (hint hint hubby! *lol* :))

At the Lion's Park with the cubs

These guys were roaming freely in the park

A lazy cheetah :)

Truly the King of the Jungle!

A cutesy meerkat
Lion cubs

I loved SA to bits! I swear! It's a beautiful country with lots of lovely, warm, friendly people. Our stay there was just awesome! We couldn't visit all the lovely places due to the time constaint..but the few that we went to were amazing! God willing, I would love to visit again.. :)


  1. I wish I'm there too! I bet you had the best time of our life!

  2. oh wow...great to knw that you were there to experience the whole madness! can't wait to see more pics :)

  3. *lol* yes dear it reli was madness! but tonnes of fun too :) Will upload more pics soon! ;)

  4. You are one fortunate gal!! Let's plan to watch it at SA in 2014!! Hehe

  5. yes yes! Let's do that :) Tickets are already up at *lol*


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