Monday, June 11, 2012

My Baby's Home and a Giveaway Coming Your Way!

My baby got discharged from hospital on Monday and is on the road to recovery :) I'm so glad she's back with me but I have a tough time keeping her away from her lil sis...I know she's trying hard to stay away as well..but she just loves her lil baby sis too much lol! :)

I'm feeling better now too...a lil less stressed..and hope it stays that way.. :) Just to share, I'm working on a lil project..more of it to be revealed soon! For now, I shall leave you guessing on a lil something that'll be coming your way reaallll soon :) It's a blog hop organised by the very talented Teacher Jessy and is made up of INSTAGRAM buddies! so there you go, it's a blog hop, the instagram way! lol!! 

We have digital product designers, crafters, scrapbookers and even cardmakers participating!  which means the giveaways are not limited to scrapbooking/cardmaking supplies. Isn't that cool?! hell YEAH....!

So watch this space, June 14th, where more on the blog hop will be revealed then..including where to hop to from where as well as other deets ;)



  1. Glad A is outta hospital! Now you can be back to the normal routine. I can't wait for the blog hop!!

  2. Sounds exciting Sharm!! Jessy is such a talented lady - sure it will be fabulous!! So glad your daughter is back home at last :) Hope she improves back to 100% health really quickly!!

  3. So sorry to hear that your daughter was in the hospital. Glad that things are better.

  4. Sorry to hear your little one was in the hospital. I hope all is well.


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