Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Other Card :)

The first card I made was the gold number. This is the second one! and I've got one more waiting to be photographed ;) This one's a light green one with doily, butterflies, flowers and two sizes and shades of ribbons..

The doily's from my local haberdashery, I go there practically every day that the shop owners know me by name now! *lol*

The other materials used for this card are, Butterflies - Martha Stewart Punch, Scallop Dot Edge (also Martha Stewart punch) and Flowers - Carla Craft Punch.

The edge of the opening end of the card was punched with the scallop dot edge punch to weave the ribbons through. The butterflies are from gold card stock while the flowers are of various pink shades.

That's it for today.. ;) Hope you like my cards so far...there are more to come *hehe*..Catch you tomorrow..! ;)

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