Monday, October 22, 2012

Lady Card

Hello there! How was your weekend? Great I hope :) mine was fantabulous! Took lil missy A for drama class...yep...the drama queen's attending classes to fine tune her acting skills LOL! :)

Drama class days always begins with a bit of drama at home first...she'd cry and throw tantrums and jump about wailing away that she didn't want to attend the session...but once there and class is over, my lil baby almost always walks out with a treat in hand or if I'm lucky, a big grin to say that she ACTUALLY had a good time! :)

kids, they will never cease to amaze... Anyways, I've got a quick card to share made using scraps of leftover pps and tags

Lady Card

Hope you sweets have a pleasant week ahead! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


  1. Hey beb, glad to meet you the other day! Too bad we didn't get to chit chat long. Anyway this card is so sweet! Just ur style..:)))


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